In everything I do I aim to:

Bring people closer to themselves, each other, and nature. So that we can enjoy life in harmony.

Connective Drumming

Raising the team spirit or waking up the audience during an event, that’s what I do with Connective Drumming. Using my self-made Meraki Drums I help people to connect with the primal energy and strengthen the team bond. Creating beats together and getting into the flow of the rhythm creates a true feeling of oneness. curious? Check out the videos on the website of Connective Drumming.

Forward To The Basics

Together with other outdoor lovers, I started this initiative. We believe that you can’t go back, but you can go forward, that’s why we call it Forward To The Basics. We facilitate outdoor experiences, mainly focused on camp life. Creating fire, building a shelter, and making food. Besides outdoor activities, we’re also looking for ways to simplify our lives and make it more basic.


Drumming has been my passion since I was 4 years old. It all started after seeing a live recording of a drum solo by Eric Carr (the drummer of KISS at the time). I was awestruck by the intense drumming and by the big drumkit, I knew I wanted the same! I got my first drum kit when I was 11 years old and I still play the drums weekly or daily. I can let myself go completely when I’m behind the kit.

I’m always open to a new band or a collaboration of some kind. So if you’re looking for a drummer just get in touch with me. I’m currently the drummer for Benno and the Blondies.

Let's Start a Fire

Let’s Start a Fire is a collection of people that work from within their inner fire. Passionate people who help others in their own unique way. This is best represented each year at the Let’s Start a Fire festival. Three days of workshops, activities and music. All to strengthen the connection with yourself, each other, and nature. Let’s Start a Fire is still in development to become more than just a festival, but we’ll see what the future brings.

Graphic designer

Capturing a brand, identity or story in easy to understand and clear images, that my point of focus when it comes to design. My specialties are logo’s, business-cards and infographics.


Video/ film

Docu: a Journey Into the Unknown

a Journey Into the Unknown is a documentary about personal development and teamwork. With this documentary we wanted to show people what these subject mean,

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EDSO in action

In 2015 I saw a talk by Simon Sinek where he talked about leadership and happiness by looking at the happiness chemicals. I was immediately

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The Joy of Making

I’ve studied Communication & Multimdia Design in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). The unique thing about this study is that you can completely create your own journey. 

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survival situation

In juli 2016 we were hiking through the Swedish forest with a group of dutch people. We brought the group to the Garden of Sweden

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Thought/ Idea

The Meaning of life

This is a train of thought a had once about the meaning of life and thought it would be nice to share. Layer 1:If you

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