EDSO in action

In 2015 I saw a talk by Simon Sinek where he talked about leadership and happiness by looking at the happiness chemicals. I was immediately inspired and knew I had to do something with this information. I got the idea to turn this information into an infographic. In this way I could do what I love and hopefully inspire some people.

For a few weeks I worked on the design and when I was finished I decided to send them to Simon Sinek. I had send over some work before but never got more than a simple reaction, so I didn’t have any expectations this time. One night I was showing my colleague how the spam folder worked on our company email and saw that there was an email from Stephen from Simon’s team inviting me for a video call.

Out of that first video call flourished a great collaboration with Stephen, and help to further refine the infographics to what they are today. We still have contact and video call each other to talk about our work, ideas and other stuff we have on our plates. He became a true friend.

In March 2016 I got the chance to meet Simon Sinek for a moment. It was a very short meeting but I got a real lovely compliment. He said: “When your infographics came in the mail, I immediately loved the characters and the way you displayed the information.”

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