The Joy of Making

I’ve studied Communication & Multimdia Design in Leeuwarden (The Netherlands). The unique thing about this study is that you can completely create your own journey. 

And that’s exactly what I did. Together with my girlfriend and one of my best friends I did a road trip through Sweden. The idea behind this was that we wanted to go out of our standard environment and we always wanted to go to Sweden. Here’s the project description just as we explained it to our teachers in 2013:

“This project is all about meeting people who do the things they really love doing, even if money were no object. The reason we want to find these people is that we think they’re making a small difference. We collect their stories in a book so that we can share them to inspire others. For us, this is not just a trip. We want to break our regular work and learn patterns. New places, insights, and experiences that’s what we are looking for.”

We were in Sweden for almost two months and gained a lot of experience. We slept in a tipi near a lake for example and met a lot of great people. We still have contact we a few of them.


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